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by FONDACO, a multiple expression by artists, with no curator. 
A project in which OFFICINA and FONDACO are partners.

FONDACO is a way of rethinking art. It was established in a geographically different location in order to make Italian creativity known, to acquaint us to a context which is not museum-based or commercial in the traditional meaning of the word. Fondaco is born out of the desire to rediscover, reinterpret, reverse the ‘domestic” side of art, in our Country. Art works, objects, artist’s forms ‘inhabit’ a private setting where the intimate dimension shifts their value in the perception that the barriers of preconceived formalism or subjection have been pulled down. The private dimension leads towards thinking in terms of everyday life, a new space to be lived in: objects, handmade items, works displayed by the invited artists make themselves freely available without any distance. Fondaco will open the doors in Brussels, kindly guested by Officina, founded by Annalisa Giannella. The show LA PELLE Standing precisely on the surface of things. Step by step we caress the skin of the earth, showing our affection for the world. A caressing gesture which has taken place for century, at times absent-mindedly, but always relentlessly. Primordial contact of the artistic gesture. The genesis of feeling shifts from body to vision, shape riflected on the retina, the skin of the image, the tactile origin of the gaze.



Invited artists Alice Cattaneo, Vittorio Corsini, Fabrizio Cotognini, Martina della Valle, Marta Dell’Angelo, Michela de Mattei, Elisabetta Di Maggio, Serena Fineschi, Francesca Grilli, Michele Guido, Claudia Losi, Francesco Lauretta,Claudio Maccari, Marco Andrea Magni, Matteo Montani, Maria Morganti, Beatrice Pediconi, Alessandro Piangiamore, Alessandro Roma

Still video

Agenti, 2010

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